Jump into the world of coffee with Alex Deer at Mojo’s Java Coffee Shop in Richardson. This exciting and eclectic coffee shop at Cottonwood Market offers delicious drinks and tasty treats. You can stop by the side window for a quick coffee or enjoy your drinks and desserts in-house. Learn more about how Mojo’s Java started and how they plan to grow this year at Cottonwood Market:

How did Mojo’s Java Coffee Shop in Richardson originate?

Alex Deer (AD): The name came from my cat, Mojo, who used to have coffee with me every morning. I started a catering line in 2019 after leaving my 9-5 job at Nestlé as a coffee consultant. I have been in coffee for about a decade, so I wanted to grow my coffee business. I walked into Cottonwood Market and decided that this was the perfect place for Mojo’s Java. 

What makes your coffee shop unique?

AD: My family has been in the coffee industry for about 75 years, and they even brought the first Nespresso machine from Italy to Waco. With my coffee knowledge and experience, I have been fortunate to work with top-tier coffee companies. I decided I was not going to cut corners on the quality of our coffee, so we have an artisan in Colorado who provides us with the top 10% of coffee in the world. Our blend from Mexico is from the only woman coffee plantation globally. We also source our drip coffee from a place in Austin. 

How would you describe the atmosphere of your coffee shop?

AD: I would say it is very eclectic. My mother is an artist and creates all of the art in the shop. We also have mismatched coffee cups that add personality to the shop. The shop is truly my home away from home. 

What are you most proud of at your coffee shop in Richardson?

AD: My coffee shop is entirely eco-friendly so all of our cups are PLA-based. We also have corn-based straws, cups, plastics, and even our bags are biodegradable. We want to make sure that everything we do reflects our coffee’s cleanness and high quality. 

Can you describe some of your favorite drinks?

AD: Our most exclusive drink is our 254, which is two shots of espresso, pure sugar Dr. Pepper, and a kiss of vanilla. This drink gives a more cherry note to Dr. Pepper. The other drinks that I enjoy are our Earl Grey tea which has a pleasant aroma with a touch of lavender. Our turmeric ginger latte is also very special at Mojo’s Java because we water down the turmeric to make it more enjoyable to drink. My last favorite drink is our Chai Tea. Our Chai Tea is a family recipe from my friend in Nepal. 

What else do you offer at Mojo’s Java?

AD: We have really tasty treats on the menu. Check out our cinnamon rolls, cinnamon coffee cake, cookies, biscotti, and sometimes we offer a chicken salad croissant on the weekends. At Mojo’s Java, we try to make everything in-house. 

What can customers look forward to in the future?

AD: Starting now, we will have a drink of the month that features different beverages and desserts. In March, we will have a White Cupcake Latter with espresso milk. We’re also hoping to get our liquor license in the next six months to a year and serve beer, wine, and sangria. 

Stop by today to excite your taste buds or grab a drink while you shop at Cottonwood Market. You’ll experience delightful coffee and enjoy the exceptional customer service and ambiance. Mojo’s Java Coffee Shop in Richardson is open at Cottonwood Market Sunday-Friday, 10 am-5 pm, and Saturday, 10 am-6 pm. Check out our Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on the latest Mojo’s Java drink of the month. Plan your visit to Cottonwood Market and learn more about the famous cat, Mojo!