Every piece of restored furniture has an exciting story to tell. Discover the captivating experience of Bless Your Heart Designs, a custom restoration dealer at Cottonwood Market. Stacey Aucoin is the modern-day superhero for items that have been damaged or discarded. She saves unique pieces by repurposing and restoring them. Spend your weekend exploring her stunning repurposed items and collectibles. If you have a piece that needs a little TLC or you’re looking to add more character to your home, Bless Your Heart Designs has you covered. Experience the love and care in every single item at Bless Your Heart Designs at Cottonwood Market:

Add Character to Your Home with Upcycled and Restored Furniture from Bless Your Heart Designs

Can you describe your restored furniture booth? 

Stacey Aucoin (SA): Bless Your Heart Designs, located in booth 1006, is a collection of upcycled, reimagined and flipped items. I love rescuing broken, rusted and outdated items. I repurpose items that have been discarded or given to me by clients, and I find a way to provide them with a new home. Every piece that could be tossed or donated still has so much to offer their next home. I put in as much love and care as possible into these items so that they may bless their next home. 


Bless Your Heart Designs

What inspired you to begin your journey as a business owner at Cottonwood Market?

SA: Bless Your Heart Designs originated when I began working on my old rocking chairs. I then moved on to the rest of my patio furniture and found that I love restoring my old items. With the encouragement of my husband, I decided to become my own boss. Now people give me things to fix and repurpose. My main goal is to capture pieces that have a story and rescue them from the landfill.

Add Character to Your Home with Upcycled and Restored Furniture from Bless Your Heart Designs

What is a product at your booth you are really excited about right now?

SA: I am excited about a repurposed dresser that came from a friend. The dresser was very special and held many memories, and I wanted to capture this during the restoration process. I repaired the broken drawer and stained and repainted the wood. I even included a drawing inside the drawer where my friend’s cat used to lay. Sometimes, I will hide a surprise or scripture in my designs to bless the new owner. 

What makes your booth unique or interesting to a Cottonwood Market shopper?

SA: I offer touch-up paints that match each piece I sell. If a client accidentally makes a “boo-boo” on the way home, they will have the perfectly matched paint to fix it in no time! 

Discover reimagined items for your home or repurpose your prized pieces with customized restorations from Bless Your Heart Designs. Check out the Bless Your Heart Design Website and Instagram to stay up to date on recently restored furniture and exciting one-of-a-kind finds. Plan your visit to Cottonwood Market today!