Selling an assortment of vintage pottery, clothing, books, records, furniture, and more, Pam Norman is passionate about passing on beautiful, artisan, and vintage items to the younger generations. With thirty years of experience as an interior designer under her belt, Pam decided to become a Cottonwood Market dealer to share her love of antiques with the DFW community. We had the chance to discuss Pam’s experiences as a designer, the value of hand-crafted pieces, and how anyone can give their home a sense of history when shopping at Cottonwood Market. 

What first sparked your interest in becoming a Cottonwood Market Dealer?

Pam has always had an affinity for “the hunt.” Even as a child, she and her mom would roam various vintage sales where she was intrigued by the history and craftsmanship of vintage and her passion for this began to thrive. While pursuing her career as an interior designer Pam determined she didn’t want to select mass-produced items for her clients. Marrying her expertise as a designer with her love of all things artisan and vintage she began to add character to the homes she designed by strategically including antiques and collectibles.

I love asking ‘what story does this item have to tell’ 

After thirty years of honing her expertise in interior design, Pam decided to take her talents to Cottonwood Market. In doing this, she was able to share the handmade pottery, a wide assortment of vintage and nostalgic home decor, and high-quality furniture with not only her clients but antique lovers all over DFW. Over the last three years, Pam has brought a true sense of whimsy and humor to Cottonwood Market while simultaneously offering hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind treasures. In explaining her decision to open a booth, she expressed the joy she feels in being able to pass on items she’s hand-picked to younger generations in hopes of honoring the history.

Cottonwood Market Dealer

When shoppers are choosing items for their homes, what are quick tips for selecting high quality, unique items? 

Pam’s advice? If an item speaks to you, if it intrigues you, that is usually a good sign. Trusting your gut and selecting items you are instantly attracted to can be the first exercise when shopping vintage. There are also some clues you can uncover on the items themselves that can help determine if you are scoring a great antique or vintage piece. For example, if the pottery piece is signed on the bottom, you see a manufacturer’s engraving, or if the original artwork is signed and numbered, these are all indicators of their value.  

Sometimes, you can also tell simply by the aesthetics. For example, perhaps there are unique design features keen to a certain era such as mid-century-modern, or a book has been dated by the original owner. These clues not only add a one-of-a-kind character but also allow you to tap into the previous life of the item, adding to its magic. At Cottonwood Market, our dealers provide a highly curated approach to shopping vintage. Because of our expert dealers, you will be able to find stunning original artwork, hand-made decor, and everything that brings life to your home.

Cottonwood Market Dealer Booth

What do you love most about vintage, antique, and artisan products? 

Ultimately for Pam and so many vintage lovers alike, it’s the story behind the items that endear them to us. Pam expressed how special it is to think about the pieces she finds and the context in which they were used before adding them to her collection. She offers a table as an example — who has sat at this table, what dinner parties have been thrown around it, how many families have shared a meal here. In many ways when shopping vintage, you are welcoming the stories of those who once used or made the piece into your own home, allowing their history to live on in a completely different setting. 

“You’re giving your house a sense of history and character, and ultimately, expanding the world within your home” 

Pam is also a firm believer in passing on treasures she has found over her career to younger generations. “Everyone can go to HomeGoods, not everyone can buy that one-of-a-kind lamp,” she says with a smile in her voice. Thoughtfully selecting products for your home that have been crafted by artisans for hundreds of hours will bring your home’s personality to light. From artwork and accessories to records and vintage books, and everything in between, you will be able to curate a space that truly represents you. 

You can follow Pam on Instagram and visit her booth, The Little Olde House (booth #1006) at Cottonwood Market. Stay tuned for future blogs as we dive into more design tips, advice from interior decorators, and more. Interested in joining our Cottonwood Market dealer family? Learn more by enquiring today