Discovering ways to add sparkle to everyday life is something Rebecca Robinson is passionate about. When you walk through one of her booths at Cottonwood Market, this fact is obvious. From her stunning accessories to unique home decor pieces, her shops are filled to the brim with the magic that comes with truly special items – old and new. We had the chance to sit down with Rebecca a discuss all the exciting things happening at her clothing and accessories and home decor booths at Cottonwood Market. From jewelry you can wear every day to one-of-a-kind antique furniture restoration, her boutiques will enchant and excite you every time you visit. 

Can you describe your booths at Cottonwood Market? 

Rebecca Robinson (RR): Rebecca Danielle Designs located in booth 813 is home to fun, affordable accessories, and clothing. I wanted to bring things that were high-end but at a great enough price point for everyday wear. I also wanted to bring in some fun items for those who like to be a little different with their personal style!

My home decor booths – Rebecca Danielle Interiors – in booth 812 & 207, is for anyone wanting one-of-a-kind decor. I adore giving life to new items. Some things we build ourselves or refinish ourselves, but many of the items are all about giving that beautiful piece a new home to be displayed with love for even more decades to come!

I love finding antique and retro decor that still fit the styles being used in homes today. 

What is a product at your booth you are really excited about right now?

(RR): In my clothing and accessories boutique, I am the most excited about the jewelry! There is something for all ages and styles. If you like dainty, western, glam, or something in between there is a new accessory that will be just what you’re looking for.

In my decor booths, I love being able to have a variety of decor at a great price point. You can find things for multiple rooms in your home and all affordable.

Cottonwood Market Dealer

What is your favorite part about being a Cottonwood Market Dealer? 

(RR): I love selling at Cottonwood Market because not only are all of the booths so many different varieties of things but the guests are looking for those varieties! You don’t have to be nailed down to just one design style. 

I always say to myself for the love of all things pretty! I know if I find beautiful pieces and have the vision I guarantee there is a customer who sees that same vision and is ecstatic to bring that item home and love it just as much!  

What inspired you to begin your journey as a business owner at Cottonwood Market?

(RR): My parents owned a retail business and antique business my whole life. I grew up loving the hunt for beautiful items that had a beauty in the age and uniqueness. Being an interior designer I loved the idea of opening my own shop and bringing these amazing pieces I find to other people. I adore helping create spaces with guests and aiding them in picking just the right items to bring it all together!

Jewelry can make us feel even more beautiful and confident. Everyone deserves to feel that way without breaking the bank.

Cottonwood Market Dealer

Connect with Rebecca by following her boutique and interior decorating business on Instagram: @rebeccadanielle_designs and @rebeccadanielleinteriors. Stop by her booths during your next visit to Cottonwood Market. Check out the Cottonwood Market blog for more exciting dealer interviews, seasonal features, and more!