Whether you’re shopping for a client or simply want to WOW your guests, Cottonwood Market will help you transform spaces with the latest design trends. Our favorite design trends incorporate timeless antiques and modern styles to create a room full of character. At Cottonwood Market, you will find everything from unique collectibles to picturesque art pieces. Check out our ultimate design guide on how to excite your clients and guests with some of our favorite items at Cottonwood Market

One of Our Favorite Design Trends: Wall Art Plates

Our stunning collections of dishware can be used in so many different ways. One of our favorite ways to showcase dishware is on the wall! It’s hard to put away your prized dishware collection in a cabinet. You can highlight these pieces by placing them on the wall either with your existing wall decor or by itself. If you want to keep your dishware in a more secure location, place them in an open cabinet in your dining room for better viewing. Check out our collection of charming decorative plates today!

Find Serenity with Pastel Colors and Picturesque Pieces

A subtle way to create an eyecatching room is to incorporate pastel colors. The best way to execute this design trend is to find the perfect art piece for your room. Pastel colors are known for their calming abilities. From lavender to sky blue, you will find beautiful pastel color palettes that will transform your room into a serene and peaceful place.  

Light Up Your Room with Unique Table Lamps

An exciting way to add light to your spaces is to include unique table lamps. Create a dynamic space with table lamps that have inventive shapes. Another way to add dimension to your room is with a pop of color from the base of your lamp. Even a slight change in the shape of your lampshade will create excitement in your room. Shop table lamps from all shapes, sizes and colors at Cottonwood Market today!

Incorporate design trends into your home with must-have pieces from Cottonwood Market. Check out our blog for more home decor ideas and plan your visit to Cottonwood Market today!