Interior decorator and designer, Sarah Fultz,  helps people love their homes. By implementing a combination of new and vintage decor pieces, she hopes to find a home’s unique heartbeat. Based in Richardson, Texas, we were able to catch up with her recently and discuss Cottonwood Market, her design process, and how the magic of antiques can transform a home.

Where do you draw inspiration from for the homes you design?

Sarah Fultz believes in helping people pursue the good, the true and the beautiful through careful curation of spaces. After realizing her desire to share what she had implemented in her own home, Sarah Fultz Interiors was born. Walking alongside clients in various stages of the home-building, decorating and remodeling processes Sarah is keen on how our spaces affect our entire life. By including retro decor accessories, vintage oil paintings and more, she is able to hone in on a room’s heartbeat and breathe life into the homes she designs.

Vintage lamp from Cottonwood Market

A vintage lamp from Cottonwood Market styled by Sarah Fultz.


History is a major piece of inspiration when Sarah is designing. By pulling history into her spaces – she instantly gives a sense of story, but also soul to her spaces. While decorating and styling certain rooms, Sarah noticed her tendency to speedily purchase various accessories from big-name home decor stores. Almost instantly, she would have the experience of looking at something she bought on a whim and realize it was not a fit for the room’s design. This experience led to her passion for shopping antiques and vintage. 

“You can find beautiful, one of a kind pieces for your home”


By exploring Cottonwood Market as an interior decorator, Sarah is able to find pieces that have a personality and story you don’t always find in mass-produced home decor items. Not only are these pieces precious and timeless, but there is also a true value associated with each of these antique treasures. The value through craftsmanship is something Sarah notices when shopping vintage home accessories, noting that she is often able to find pieces comparable in price to box-stores. 

What is one of your favorite finds from Cottonwood Market?

Sarah shared one of her most recent finds from Cottonwood Market: an antique secretary she purchased with plans of storing books in her son’s bedroom. Sarah lit up as she described the reverence and joy the piece brought her three sons who she described as normally interested in bugs and baseball. Through the implementation of the secretary in an otherwise new space, the entire family was filled with an instant sense of wonder. This experience pinpoints the exact magic antiques can bring to a home, and the joyfulness Sarah uncovers through her designs. 

Antique Secretary from Cottonwood Market

Sarah styled an antique secretary she discovered at Cottonwood Market in her son’s bedroom.

What’s you’re favorite part about shopping for antique and vintage pieces?

The unique aspect of vintage is what is so special to Sarah. The thought that she is going to potentially find a one-of-a-kind piece for her spaces echos her belief that designing is so much more than finding pretty things. By exercising intentionality, she creates a sense of home unique to each person she works with by honoring the soul of the home and the pieces she adds to it. Vintage and antique decor items expand upon a room’s character and add an instant charm that is perfectly unique to the clients she works with. 

“My goal and my vision is to help people love their homes”


Sarah is most recently offering digital renderings, renovations, styling and furnishing services. To connect with Sarah visit her website and follow her on Instagram. At Cottonwood Market, we are excited to provide the best vintage and antique items in DFW. Stay tuned for future blogs as we dive into more design tips, advice from interior decorators and special features on our wonderful dealer family. To stay up-to-date on all things Cottonwood Market, sign up for our Newsletter for first access to our latest interviews, dealer stories, special promotions and more. 

Images Sourced from Mike Davello and Sarah Fultz.