The modern and antique home decor collection by Jody White offers stunning high-quality merchandise and expert advice for the ultimate shopping experience. You’ll find a wide selection of items at her eight unique booths, from exquisite antique furniture to seasonal home decor. With eight booths to browse through, you’re sure to find the perfect piece for your favorite spaces. Learn more about Jody White’s booths and discover how she started her interior design journey at Cottonwood Market

Discover the Modern and Antique Home Decor Collection by Jody WhiteHow did you start your interior design business, and how did this lead you to Cottonwood Market?

Jody White (JW)I was in technology marketing, and I loved my career, but I knew I always wanted to be an interior designer. My booths give me a piece of that because I can look for new pieces and then showcase them in a display setting. I recently decided to grow my business, and I needed a good foundation to grow on. In January, I found that Cottonwood Market could give me the space and strong foundation to display my merchandise. I love creating these booths, and everyone is so welcoming here. I am absolutely thrilled to be here. 

Where do you find your modern and antique home decor?

JW: I work with many different high-quality furniture companies, and I also find my pieces at auctions, estate sales, and online. Just the other day, I sold a table to a young couple who were so excited about their purchase. Interior design is something that I love, so I am really passionate about finding the perfect piece for my customers.

Can you describe your first booth?

JW: My first booth is my most extensive display that offers beautiful Country French furniture and home decor. My goal for this booth is to showcase bright and cheerful decor that will leave my customers excited for more. My highlighted piece in this booth is the Country French dining table with eight chairs, two leaves and a matching china hutch. 

What are your favorite items in this booth?

JW: Besides the Country French dining table, I love the Lexington dresser. It is a high-end piece with a beautiful cabinet door and accent details. I also love the leather couch because it’s so hard to find a leather couch in good condition, and the cream color can work in anyone’s living space. 

Can you describe one of your other eight booths?

JW: Another booth is my jewel-toned space that offers beautiful pillows and an exquisite bar. The pillows are Turkish with stunning woven patterns that match with detailed table runners. These items are great to put in your house because they make a room pop with detail. The bar is an exciting piece that has a backlight where the stained glass is. It’s also not too big so it will fit perfectly in any home. 

What item are you most excited about in one of your booths?

JW: In my antique booth, there is a bohemian crystal chandelier that is absolutely beautiful. It offers exceptional lighting and also provides a pop of color in any space. It is definitely an exciting piece to have in your home and pairs really well with antique furniture. 

What can we look forward to in the future? 

JW: I have more booths that will showcase my eye-catching antique home decor finds. You have to check out my newest booth, which offers a Henredon table and sidebar. The table is high-end and offers a beautiful sunburst in the center. The sidebar looks like a piece of art because of the cut granite on the sides. I will also have other booths that will offer a new style to my customers. You’ll have to come and check them out! 

Enjoy the charming modern and antique home decor collection by Jody White and experience the discovery of finding your next prized piece. Check out our Instagram and Facebook for more inside looks at Jody White’s collection, and plan your visit to Cottonwood Market today!