Head over to Cottonwood Market and discover stunning art expertly curated by our talented dealers. Add a touch of spring to your art decor collection with beautiful florals and vibrant pops of color. With so many art decor collections to choose from, you’ll find the perfect piece for your favorite room. Plan your trip to Cottonwood Market for a full weekend of art discovery:

Add Florals to Your Stunning Art Decor Collection

An easy way to create a peaceful art decor collection is to include nature and floral paintings. The floral paintings will add a pop of color to your household, and the greens and yellows from nature paintings will create a tranquil balance in your favorite room. Not sure how to incorporate these paintings into your home? Ask our expert dealers for design advice!

Add Landscape Paintings to Your Minimalistic Rooms

One way to highlight your art decor collection is to place landscape paintings in your simplest rooms. The more minimalistic your room is, the more spotlight will be on the painting. You can even add lighting above the painting to further enhance the effect of the painting.

Add Whimsical Pieces for Your Darkest Rooms

Do you have a room that you would like to lighten up? Add a bright pop of color with a whimsical art piece. Look for playful images and vibrant colors to create a balance within the dark room. If you’re unsure how to incorporate your bright, whimsical pieces into your darkest spaces, ask our expert dealers for style advice!

At Cottonwood Market, you’ll find your next prized piece to add to your art decor collection. Head over today and discover how you can begin or enhance your art collection. If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate spring into your household, check out our blog for more interior design inspiration!