With only a few weeks left of 2020, you might be on the hunt for easy interior decorating ideas to spruce up your space for the new year. At Cottonwood Market, we carry hundreds of stunning furniture and home decor pieces that instantly add charm to your home. From statement pieces of furniture, original artworks, quirky decor finds and everything in between, find one of a kind pieces every time you shop with us. Here are three easy interior decorating ideas to try in 2021 form Cottonwood Market

Easy Interior Decorating Ideas

1. Find a Statement Piece that Wows

Implementing a statement piece into a room is a great way to completely transform the space without switching out every single piece of furniture or decor.  Finding a funky vintage dresser, a mid-century modern antique lamp or a bold original art painting are all ways to breathe new life into your home for the new year. At Cottonwood Market, we carry a variety of the most unique merchandise in DFW. From furniture, home accessories, art and more, you’ll find the perfect statement piece for your home! 

Easy Interior Decorating Ideas

2. Add Pops of Color to Switch Up A Rooms Design

By adding pops of color to a room, you are able to change the overall mood evoked in the space. We love implementing color with traditional vintage rugs. At Cottonwood Market, we have hundreds of beautiful, one-of-a-kind Persian rugs. Warm-up your space with rich, fiery tones or alternatively add a sense of calm by adorning your space with a rug in cool-tones. Whatever your desired vibe, we have a rug that will perfectly amplify your design aesthetic. 

Easy Interior Decorating Ideas

3. The Beauty is in the Details 

Reviving your home’s design for 2021 does not have to entail massive projects. Quick, simple changes can truly transform a room’s overall feeling and design. At Cottonwood Market, antique home decor is around every corner. Find new treasures to display in your home while shopping in Richardson. Switch out antique decor seasonally to create an evolving home design. Switching out trinkets around your home will keep the space intentional and thoughtful all year long. 

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