It’s no secret our store made many exciting changes in 2020. As the year draws to a close, we wanted to reflect on the progress our special antique store in Richardson has made over the last several months as we look ahead to the new year. We are so thankful for the outpouring of support of our store rebrand. By supporting Cottonwood Market you support hundreds of local businesses in DFW and we could not be more thankful and excited to continue to see our store grow as we bring the best vintage, antique and artisan products to our community.

Antique Store in Richardson

Cottonwood Market, a New Name Connected to Our City

When selecting the store’s new name, we wanted to select something with instant connection and meaning to the Richardson community. Cottonwood Market honors the rich history of Richardson by centering the cottonwood tree that is intrinsic to the community’s identity. Cottonwood has both literal – Cottonwood Park, Cottonwood Art Festival – and figurative roots within the community that creates an instantly recognizable image and sense of belonging. By combining these roots with a long list of eclectic vendors, we provide shoppers with a unique experience that makes every discovery more exciting than the last.

Antique Store in Richardson

Expanding and Celebrating Our Wonderful Dealer Family

Our store’s success would not be possible without the dedication and loyalty of our dealers. Each collector, artist and antique lover provides our community with the best antique, vintage and artisan products in DFW. Through their hardwork and dedication to their individual crafts and area of expertise, we are able to offer the most unique home furnishings, decor, art, clothing, collectibles, handmade gifts and more – all under one roof! We are so grateful for all our long-standing dealers and the relationships they have built with staff and customers alike and are equally excited to welcome so many new faces into our dealer family. Interested in joining Cottonwood Market as a dealer? Enquire today! 

Antique Store in Richardson

Making Exciting In-Store Changes to Enhance Your Experience

Our staff has been hard at work to ensure your in-store experience is exceptional every time you come to explore. From adjusting various components of the layout to increased safety and sanitation practices, we pride ourselves on the positive experiences of customers. Not to mention having our expert dealers often in-store to provide insights and detailed information about the products they offer. We love the opportunity to connect with our customers in hopes of inspiring the continued desire to support local businesses while shopping in Richardson.

Although 2020 was challenging in many ways, your support allowed our special store to thrive. We are so excited to continue to evolve and grow and continue to be the best antique store in Richardson! We can’t wait to see all the amazing treasures you uncover while shopping at Cottonwood Market in 2021. 

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