Create a sense of history in your home by discovering stunning vintage pieces from Cottonwood Market. Once you find your treasured item, incorporating old styles in modern spaces can seem like a daunting task. At Cottonwood Market, you’ll not only find stunning vintage furniture, art and collectibles, but you’ll also receive expert help from our dealers. Follow our guide to blending the old with the new and find the perfect home for your stunning one-of-a-kind vintage finds at Cottonwood Market

Make Vintage Items the Focal Point

Have you found a unique vintage piece you can’t live without? The easiest way to blend your new prized piece into your modern home is by styling your vintage item to be the focal point of your favorite room. You can transform your vintage item into a statement piece by placing it in the middle of the room or wall. Your piece will need to be bold and unique to create this desired effect. 

Balance Your Space with Neutrals

If your vintage find is unique but not necessarily bright in color, you can blend your item into a neutral space. Choosing muted colors when styling your vintage pieces can create a sophisticated look. If you’re worried your room will look dull, add pops of color with a throw pillow or blanket. 

Shop Upcycled, Restored and Repurposed Vintage Pieces! 

An exciting way to include vintage items in your modern is home is by discovering upcycled and restored furniture or items. When vintage items are upcycled or restored items, the artist is repurposing the item for further use. Many vintage and antique pieces are saved from the junkyard and redesigned to fit the everyday household. Whether the item is repainted or simply restored to perfect condition, you can find a unique item filled with character. 

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