Discover unique folk art pieces from Joe Allen Jarvis at Cottonwood Market. The joy of folk art is celebrating what makes our community different. Through unique collage work and abstract art, you’ll find one-of-a-kind items for your home. Follow along as we dive into the world of art with Joe Allen Jarvis at Cottonwood Market:

Joe Allen JarvisCan you describe your folk art booth?

Joe Allen Jarvis (JJ):  My booth is a mix of folk art and antique items made out of recycled scraps that I have found over the years. The collage items are considered antiques because each small piece of the collage is from a different time period and made in a million different ways. I like the idea of taking old items and scraps and transforming them into art pieces. I will find an item by my house, on the road, or from another dealer and I upcycle the item. I want to recycle items that many people would not think to use and create something really great out of them. 

It's All in the Details with Folk Art from Joe Allen Jarvis What is an item at your booth that you are really excited about right now?

(JJ): Other than the collage pieces, I really like the folk art pieces. They may remind you of Picasso since I draw a lot of inspiration from his work. This one is by far my favorite piece [see image above]. 

Joe Allen Jarvis

What inspired you to begin your journey as a business owner at Cottonwood Market?

(JJ): I’ve always painted and created art since I was younger and about 20 years ago I realized I wanted to make something that I would like to see myself. I went to an exhibit at the Museum of Art and decided that the artwork I saw was what I wanted to create in my own way. I started making more and more pieces and selling at Cottonwood Market after buying items from here for a long time. I wanted to share the pieces that I enjoyed in hopes that others would enjoy them as well. 

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