Are you someone who loves to scour antique malls for hours discovering treasures from generations past? If so, you might have always wondered what the difference between antique and vintage actually is. Although both describe some sort of item from the past, there are key differences that are worth making distinctions from each other. In today’s blog, we define both terms to clear up any confusion surrounding this issue. Keep reading to find out for yourself and become even more of an expert treasure hunter next time you make a trip to Cottonwood Market

Antique vs Vintage at Cottonwood Market

Defining Antique in the Antique vs Vintage Debate

As defined by the US Customs service, something is antique if it is older than 100 years. That means anything made during or before January 1921 is now considered antique. There are several ways to determine the age of a product. Often, sellers and collectors will sell their items with the original deed. Additionally, you might sometimes find dates on the bottom of pottery, artwork, antique furniture, and more. Antique experts are also able to utilize their training and experience to age items. 

Antique vs Vintage at Cottonwood Market

How to Know When Something is Considered Vintage

In the last 5 years, vintage has come to the center stage of many fashion and home decor trends. From the resurgence of mid-century modern to the rise in popularity of reselling apps, but what exactly does it mean for something to be vintage? Vintage is defined as anything 20 years old or older. So any items made before or during January 2001 are currently considered vintage. Make sure to check out our wide selection of vintage collectibles next time you are shopping in Richardson. 

Discover Both at Cottonwood Market

At Cottonwood Market, you will discover not only antiques and vintage but also new products from local artisans. What makes our mall unique is our wide variety of items that come from generations past and present. Find both antique decor and vintage decor among many other items like clothing and records. Be sure to visit us today to find your next favorite home decor, entertainment, and fashion pieces. We hope with your new knowledge of what it means to be antique vs vintage you will be able to score even better finds with every visit to Cottonwood Market!