Elevate your holiday home decor this Christmas at Cottonwood Market! Transform your home into a winter wonderland with our largest Christmas collection. The collection by Allen Villalobos grows larger every year! Shop his festive favorites, from decorative tree ornaments to jolly table pieces. With help from his expert style advice, you’ll find everything you need to make this holiday season a hit. Head to the back of the store and discover love at frost sight before it’s gone! Learn more about Allen Villalobos and his extensive Christmas collection below: 

Discover A Winter Wonderland Christmas Collection by Allen VillalobosHow did you start your Christmas Collection? 

Allen Villalobos (AV): I fell into this job by accident 17 years ago when someone asked me for help, and it escalated from there. I had a knack for decorating and ended up loving it. We built a home interior decorating store from the ground up, and Christmas was always my favorite time to decorate. When we started at Cottonwood Market, we decided to do a few Christmas booths, and since then, it has been growing every year. This year, I am one of the only ones in the DFW metroplex with materials and Christmas items because I was fortunate enough to have all of these materials during Covid. 

Why did you start selling at Cottonwood Market? 

(AV): There are no other providers in the market, so I want to provide this merchandise to customers that can no longer find these items. I worked for many years at high-end markets and with companies at the World Trade Center doing their visuals, like display windows. I had great experiences doing this, and it’s what helped me make these booths what they are today.  It also is a time for me to relax, and I enjoy it so much. I’ve never worked so hard in my life, and it’s just so rewarding when I can share what I love with customers. There’s always a trail of glitter from my car to my house!

Can you describe your booths at Cottonwood Market?

(AV): I will have booths at Cottonwood Market year-round, but each of my Christmas booths has a different theme. I have a winter wonderland booth, Santa-inspired booth, red and gold booths, Christmas ornament booths and so much more. Every single Christmas decoration that you can think of – I have it. Trees, tree skirts, garland, ornaments – you name it. 

What is your favorite booth here at Cottonwood Market? 

(AV): They’re all my favorites! One of my favorites is the Tiffany-inspired tree and decor. I love the colors and how it lights up. I also have booths up at the front of the store. I have some seasonal booths, garden-style booths, and everyday merchandise booths. They all incorporate nice tabletop home decor. 

What are you looking forward to in the new year?

(AV): I want to start classes where customers can learn how to decorate certain items. I will provide them with a kit and teach them how to use these items to make beautiful decorations. I have a lot of materials, and I love teaching people, so I think it would be a great way to share what I love to do. 

Christmas is almost here, and the Winter Wonderland Christmas Collection has you covered! It’s time to get your last-minute holiday decor before it’s gone. Shop from our expert Christmas dealer, Allen Villalobos, and find our most extensive Christmas collection of wreaths, tree ornaments, table decor and so much more! Check out our Instagram and Facebook for more Christmas-inspired home decor and holiday gift ideas. Plan your visit today and get your last-minute holiday decor at Cottonwood Market: