Whether you want to spruce up your home or apartment or are moving into one, we have the ultimate shopping guide that can help transform your spaces with the latest design trends. Luckily, you don’t need to be an art connoisseur to add vibrancy to your home. Ditch the stuffy posters and curate your home with something that incites passion and reflects your personality. Check out our ultimate antique shopping guide for modern millennials with some of our favorite items from Cottonwood Market: 

Find a ‘Vinyl’ Resting Place in Your Home for Your Record Player

Did you know that for the first time since 1986, vinyl records are more profitable than CDs? This retro medium is becoming more and more popular due to social media! There are many ways to decorate your home with vinyl records, like having a clean and simple collection in the corner or mounting your records on the wall. Whether you want to add to your collection of music or decorate your home, shop at Cottonwood Market to take advantage of our many genres!

Our Shopping Guide to Trying Out the Grandmillennial Style

Another trend that has emerged in homes and apartments is ‘grandmillennial style,’ which is a chic take on the traditional style. Cottonwood market is the perfect place to shop this trend because we have all the antique items you need to spruce up your home. Shop wicker items, mixed patterns, silver collections, embroidered pillows, upcycled furniture, and more! 

Drink & Decorate with a Multi-Purpose Bar Cart

Bar carts have remained a staple in young people’s homes over the years as they are easy to decorate, perfect for entertaining, and make any space feel elevated. Not only do we have a selection of bar carts, but we also have all you need to decorate it as well – from a collection of glasses to decorative pieces! Discover all of this and more at Cottonwood Market! 

Shop these millennial style trends at Cottonwood Market next time you are out shopping in Richardson! Check out our blog for more design tips and decor ideas.